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Confessions of an Option Tackleback

Geoff Schwartz

Just when you didn't expect it, the Oregon Ducks pulled another trick out of their, uh, hat, last week against USC. During the 3rd quarter, quarterback Dennis Dixon unveiled a weapon, unknown even to the Oregon coaching staff. Little did anyone watching the game know that a monster play had been born -- Geoff Schwartz, option tackleback. A play that we will never see again.

On the first play of Oregon's first possession in the second half, the Ducks set up in a 2-back veer formation with Dixon in the shotgun between the two backs. The game was tied at 10 and tight end Ed Dickson went into motion from the right side. Geoff Schwartz was in his usual right tackle position when the ball was snapped, and he immediately took on USC's Lawrence Jackson. Dixon meanwhile... Recommended Stories

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