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Jason Hatcher

It's quite a task to coach the Army All-American high school game, but Louisville Trinity head coach Bob Beatty is enjoying every minute of it.

Being the head coach of a group of head coaches and Army All-Americans, that is a job that Louisville Trinity (Ky.) coach Bob Beatty couldn't turn down.

"I came down as a spectator a few years ago and they talked to me a couple times about being in the system. I was like, I think I'm too old," Beatty said laughing. "Last year they talked to me about being the offensive coordinator of the west, and I had a blast."

He added, "So they called this time and they said we would like you to be the head coach."

He assumed, for the West. "And I said of the West? They said no not the west your from Louisville you have to be the East," Beatty recalled with a chuckle. "It's a lot of work but its a great week."

So how does a head coach get an entire team ready to play in less than a week? By getting everything done quickly.

"Fast, everything we do is fast," Beatty said. "You comb you hair fast, you eat fast and then you come out and practice fast."

Nothing that the Army All-American's aren't used to.

"They know what lies ahead and they want to be successful," Beatty said. "They are athletes and they want to compete. There is a scoreboard, and they want one more point up there than their opponent."

Beatty continued, "They get after it, we have to make sure that we challenge them but we don't overstep what they can absorb in a week."

That key, is something that is as important as anything else in the preparation for an All-American game.

"You rely on your staff and I have a very close knit staff," Beatty said. "They understand when they have athletes of this caliber, you make the game plan very simple and they can play really fast."

Something that is a challenge in a short time, but working out pretty well for the East.

"It's like in the beginning of camp, it's hard to get an offense to be fluent in 7 practices without being just a total task master," Beatty said. "If it were up to me we would be here until midnight until I am satisfied, but we cant do that."

And that philosophy, can be best described by only a Louisville resident.

"I have been to the Kentucky Derby and they hold that horse back until the final turn," Beatty said. "We are just trying to make things simple enough to get the ball in our play makers hands."

Although the Army All-American game is a new experience for many coaches and players, there are two Trinity seniors on the East team, USC commit Jason Hatcher and James Quick.

"If you look first of all from the time they were freshman, they have lost two football games in four years," Beatty said. "They set the tone for our football team and they were the models."

He added, "Last year we had a very special season and ended up number one in the nation. This year we had to turn around and Jason and James were the leaders, with not nearly as talented football team."

It ended up being a pretty great year for Trinity, largely because of Hatcher and Quick.

"We were 13-1 and won state again, but because of their experience they have come down here and done very well," Beatty said. "It's very pleasing to see them do well, especially among this type of company."

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