Crenshaw Demands Attention

Oronde Crenshaw

Despite a disappointing record for Costa Mesa (Calif.), junior Oronde Crenshaw's performance throughout the season is drawing some attention...

Costa Mesa (Calif.) junior tailback Oronde Crenshaw (6-1, 205), came off the field after a loss to Laguna Beach (Calf.) 35-28, the loss sealing off their last hopes of making it to the playoffs, leaving their record at 4-6 overall this season.

Despite the record on paper, Crenshaw had an outstanding year that shined through a losing record.

With 17 touchdowns and over 1,300 yards rushing on the year, including rushing for 275, 307, and 295 yards in his final three games of the season, Crenshaw is demanding to be noticed.

Now that the season has come to a close, Crenshaw is focused on the future.

"I want to get bigger, faster, and stronger this offseason, and that is where my focus lies now," Crenshaw said.

Although Crenshaw has a full senior season ahead of him, his performance both this year and last has gotten him some attention.

Not only does he excel on offense but he also plays middle linebacker and has a combined 99 tackles on the year.

"I've had a couple schools reach out to me, getting letters and pictures here and there. I've gotten letters from Oregon, Nebraska and Wisconsin but their sophomore letters so they are not full recruitment letters yet," said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw's desire to play comes from the motivation he gets from his family.

Although they aren't able to make it to many games, his focus is playing for them every game.

Two years ago Crenshaw's mom was diagnosed with brain cancer, and due to her fight it has made it difficult for her to make it to games.

"My motivation is my family pushing me, telling me to do better for them. I just wanted to do that," said Crenshaw.

As for where he would love to play, Crenshaw's desire for college football lies in the SEC.

I would love to play in the SEC because it's where all the people with fire and passion want to play. I would be happy to play for any school out there, it wouldn't matter," said Crenshaw. Recommended Stories