Quotable -- Chip Kelly

Quotable -- Chip Kelly

Los Angeles -- Oregon's Chip Kelly was not in front of media much today but for the few minutes he was, he had the following to say.

On adjusting practice layoffs and travelling to Los Angeles...

"It's not bad, you know being a west coast team, it was a short flight down here. We really didn't have a long layoff. We were off on the 21st and they got a chance to go home for Christmas, which we felt was really important. They picked up, did a nice job an we got back at it yesterday."

On balancing practice time with the bowl experience...

"Our whole deal is we do everything in the morning. We get out of here at 8 o'clock every morning and then we do our lifting, our meeting and our practice time. We're done by 1 o'clock and then after that, enjoy the bowl experience."

On Nike's Rose Bowl Game helmet and uniform...

"The great thing about Nike is they listen to everybody so they met with our players and our coaches and everybody has input, then they come back with the final design. We're real excited to debut them in the Rose Bowl. I think the partnership that we have with them is very unique and it's based upon Coach (Bill) Bowerman, way back when he said, 'always listen to the voice of the athlete.' That is what they do and they're phenomenal at taking input from coaches, from players and then putting it together in an unbelievable package."

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